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Laser Dentistry Provides Effective Results with Less Discomfort

How Can Laser Dentistry Improve Your Smile?

Dr. Pfister uses minimally invasive laser dentistry to give you excellent results with conservative treatment. Lasers provide improved accuracy when compared with scalpels or dental drills. This allows Dr. Pfister to preserve more of your tooth structure or gum tissue during treatment. The BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus utilizes a combination of water and laser light to gently cut through teeth and gum tissue.

Innovative Tools to Enhance the Quality of Your Visit and Your Overall Results

The EPIC X Diode is safe and effective for teeth whitening and soft tissue procedures. Dr. Pfister performs the following treatments with lasers:

Fear can be a big factor for many patients who are deciding whether to schedule dental work. Traditional dental treatments bring to mind poking, scraping, and bleeding, along with general pain and discomfort. Dr. Timothy Pfister utilizes lasers as a kinder and gentler approach, while attaining better results with less healing time. In soft tissue procedures, the laser replaces scalpels and sutures to deliver greater comfort and improved recovery times. With hard tissue, the laser takes the place of the dental drill, creating less friction and vibration for increased accuracy and decreased discomfort. In most laser dentistry procedures, patients require little to no anesthetic.

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Trained and Certified in Laser Dentistry

In the interest of his patients’ comfort and overall dental health, Dr. Pfister has always focused on using the most advanced dental equipment and techniques. He has completed advanced training in use of the laser and has received his certifications. Benefit from his 34 years of experience, call our office and schedule your appointment today.

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Improve your smile with laser dentistry