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Minimally Invasive Gum Disease Treatment with Less Pain and No Scalpels

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Enjoy the Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

Lasers are able to replace every function of the scalpel, allowing a kinder, gentler approach for your gums. Dr. Pfister uses the laser’s light to destroy bacteria and infected tissue without making an incision. Advantages include:

  • Faster procedure time
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Reduced discomfort during and after surgery
  • Minimized swelling and bleeding
  • Rapid recovery with little downtime
  • Improved post procedure results, the laser encourages the regeneration of bone
  • No risk of incision-related gum recession
  • Safe for nearly everyone, even those with existing medical conditions

Greater Comfort and Virtually No Downtime

Are you avoiding gum disease treatment due to fear of pain, scalpels, or lengthy recovery time? With the use of laser dentistry, you no longer need to fear gum surgery. Lasers have revolutionized the way dentists treat this common oral infection, making it easier and less invasive than ever. Dr. Timothy Pfister is specially trained to offer laser gum surgery so that you can feel comfortable scheduling treatment right away, without worrying about discomfort and downtime. We also offer sedation dentistry if needed, to make your experience with us stress-free.

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