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This patient explains how she benefited from implant-supported dentures by Dr. Pfister. She says she is much happier with the stability and function this solution provides. Dr. Pfister was extremely attentive throughout every stage of treatment.

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I have been coming to Aesthetic Oral Arts five to six years. I was having problems and I was at a different dentist, and with that dentist, I had dentures with that dentist. And I was not comfortable with the dentures, and I found out when I started coming to Aesthetic Oral Arts, I found out about the implants. And so I decided to try that and I'm so glad that I did. I've been to two or three other dentists offices. This is the first one that has been so modern, in this office. When I came in I was, like, you know, we put glasses on, totally everything is all different. They've got TVs, they've got everything. You're comfortable, and they've got everything. It was so different. From the minute you sit down till he walks in the room. I mean, he asks you how you're doing, explains everything he's going to do, what he's going to do, and how he's going to do it, and "If you're not comfortable at any time, I'll stop." And he constantly wants to know your opinion or, whatever is going on, how you feel. From the dentures, I was very uncomfortable with them. Lot of times they would get loose, and I'd have to put glue to hold them in. And it was, you couldn't taste a lot of foods because it had a full palate on them, and they were just very uncomfortable. They were very uncomfortable to sleep in, and if they moved, and when you ate. And with the implants they're just like having my regular teeth. I mean, I can chew steak. I can bite an apple. I can leave them in all the time. I don't even, they're not uncomfortable, you don't even realize you have them in. And there is no palate, so you can taste all foods, and they don't move, and they're just, they're wonderful. Dr. Pfister called me that night, after the procedure, to make sure everything was okay. And I believe I came the next day, yes I did, come in the next day and he checked everything. And he was there 24/7. If you needed him, he was right there, and he gave me his cellphone number. Made you just feel comfortable and wanted you to come here and tell other people about him. And very friendly, he's very friendly, and just easy to talk to. Any time he says, you know, if you feel like if it hurts or anything, he's just right there. You know, just slow down, and just he walks you through everything he does with you. Highly recommend Dr. Pfister for all the work that I had done, and every appointment that I come to, it's actually very enjoyable. The people all here are very nice, and you feel very comfortable. It's very educational. Every time you come, you learn something new.

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