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This patient struggled with a broken dental bridge. In her dental implant testimonial, she says Dr. Pfister improved her smile and her quality of life. Dr. Pfister strives to help every patient find a solution that provides maximum benefits.

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I was going to another dentist and that I had a bridge problem, and that dentist told me that I could stay with the broken piece that I had. And it was very uncomfortable, and so I knew what her price was and I thought I'd try someone else. So I compare shopped the pricing and came here and was absolutely thrilled with Dr. Pfister. I have been coming here for approximately five years. I took a bite of a sandwich and heard it break, and again, the other dentist said, "Oh you can live with that. It won't be a problem. It'll probably stay with you for a little while." And I didn't like the feel of that, my teeth are very important to me. I actually believe that for a woman they're the pearls around our necks, so it was important for me to get a comfortable fit for correcting that. I first was very, very impressed with the advancement of the technology at Dr. Pfister's office. I was really wowed by that. I didn't have to leave this building. All of the work was done here. I was able to watch some of the filming to locate exactly a fit that needed to be perfect for my mouth, and I was highly impressed with the detail. And I feel that Dr. Pfister is an artist in his field. It was important for me to come to one place, because it built my confidence that I didn't have to wonder, "Now, who's this other person that's working on me?" So he would be responsible for a complete job and that I would be well-pleased, and that's exactly the way I experienced it. His chair side manner is very comforting, very pleasant. His memory is amazing for knowing who you are, if you've been in before, he even remembers the conversation he's had with you before, and he's very pleasant. And again, builds your confidence when he's working on you. He remembers every detail of what he did the last time you were here. First seeing your smile after the work has been done I was impressed with the match of color, it was perfect. Again, there was a very comfortable fit. There was no high rise to the tooth. If I felt uncomfortable with, it's not quite right, come back again and we'll make sure it's perfect. So when you grind, you know, when you're moving your teeth, upper and bottom, it just felt absolutely perfect what I had before. So I was absolutely thrilled and happy with the full procedure. And when I come in for a cleaning, I never liked to floss and I always got that full long thread. How much longer piece do I need? And so the last time I was in I was encouraged to get these little placards that are with a little handle on them and I've been flossing every day and I'm excited about that because I know that it's going to keep my gum line healthier, and again, my teeth are very important to me. So a piece of jewelry is not as important as my teeth are. I would highly recommend Dr. Pfister because, first of all, if you have any fear, inhibitions to go to a dentist they will be totally put to peace, and you'll be very comfortable. Whatever you need to have done, he is amazingly intelligent to detail, and again, I believe he's a perfectionist and so his skill of being a perfectionist is going to be your blessing to be able to be fully satisfied. And I have recommended many people to come here and they're still my friends and they come too.

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